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Our experienced and friendly team strive to have you feeling like yourself again in no time.

Our Goal

Our Goal

At Advantage Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation we strive to provide you with quality physiotherapy in a professional, prompt yet friendly manner.

Through careful and comprehensive assessment of your condition, backed-up by a clear, client-centred treatment plan, we aim to provide you with a complete understanding of your ailment and our strategy for returning you to health.

We work hard to ensure all our patients obtain an appointment as soon as possible. A quick response is crucial when dealing with physical injuries, since any delay in treatment may result in the situation worsening. Your muscles can weaken through lack of use, and so early intervention plays a major role in preventing your condition from becoming chronic. Prompt treatment also encourages more rapid healing and increases your chances of making a full recovery.

Your treatment plan will be designed around your specific needs and may include physiotherapy, acupuncture, work-hardening and supervised exercise programmes. To begin with, your physiotherapist will focus on relieving any pain and stabilizing your condition. Their focus will then switch to restoring your strength, mobility and function.

Of course, our ultimate goal is to return you to your pre-injury level of function as quickly as possible. However, we also endeavour to equip you with the necessary education to enable you to manage your well being independently and therefore prevent further recurrences.