We’ll make it work!!

Our experienced and friendly team strive to have you feeling like yourself again in no time.



Advantage Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation is with you every step of the way... From your initial assessment, through your treatment program and even beyond! We will endevour to return you to your pre-injury level of health and provide you with the necessary education to help you stay there.



Our physiotherapists will undertake a comprehensive assessment of your problem, which will involve obtaining a full history of your condition and performing a physical examination.


Treatment Plan

The information obtained during your assessment will then be used to create a treatment plan that suits your specific requirements. As your recovery progresses this treatment plan will be modified, on the basis of reassessments and your feedback.

Your treatment program may include:

  • Manual Therapy – joint and spinal mobilization and manipulation

  • Electrotherapy – including ultra-sound, TENS, muscle stimulation

  • Laser Therapy – to optimize healing in soft tissue injuries

  • Interferential Current Therapy – for reducing pain and swelling following an acute injury

  • Mechanical Traction – for spinal problems

  • Individualized Supervised Exercise Programs – to improve strength, flexibility, balance, coordination and endurance

  • Work Hardening / Sport Simulations – to facilitate return to pre-injury condition

  • Acupuncture – to control pain and inflammation



We aim to continually integrate patient education into all aspects of your treatment, from your initial assessment to your final stages of work hardening, sports simulation or posture correction. This way, you can help yourself recover faster and reduce the chances of your condition recurring.

Status Reports

Summary patient status reports will be faxed to your doctor after your admission and discharge. If you notify us prior to a follow-up visit to your doctor, we will be happy to provide you with a brief progress report to take with you. Detailed modified work recommendations will also be provided as and when required.


Fees (Excluding Approved WSIB and MVA claims)


  • Initial Assessment - $85

  • Each additional visit - $55

  • Each additional visit (senior) - $45


  • Initial Assessment (multiple problems) - $100

  • Each additional visit (multiple problems) - $75

  • Each additional visit (multiple problems; senior) - $60


  • ADP Assessment - $95


  • Vestibular Assessment plus first treatment - $165

  • Vestibular treatment only - $75


Also Available (additional fees apply)


  • Fit for Life - group exercise classes for those over 55

  • Assistive Devices Program Assessments