Happy Earth Day!

It’s Earth Day tomorrow!

Although we all generally try to live life a little 'greener' these days, it's good to draw special attention to this day. There's always something more we can do to embrace Earth Day and help the environment. Here are some ideas:

WALK: Every time you start your car, you release carbon dioxide into the air. There are lots of ways to get where you need to go without driving. You can carpool, take public transit, work from home, or ride your bike. Or you can walk! Great for the environment and great exercise as well!

SAVE WATER: There are many ways we can conserve water. The amount we use to keep ourselves clean is alarming. A daily shower or bath isn’t mandatory, it’s a comfort. We can use over 100L of water every time we bathe. Consider taking a day off from showering. It'll save water and money, and the natural oil build up is actually good for your skin. In the long term, equip your house with high efficiency shower-heads and toilets to save water every day.

VOLUNTEER: If you really want to get into the fun of Earth Day, pitch in.  There are bound to be many opportunities in your community. Earth Day Canada has an Events page, where you’ll find a list of activities for your area, many of which will provide you with a good dose of exercise! How about planting some trees, for example, or helping to clean up a local park?

COMPOST: All of your coffee grounds, paper towels and food waste can be turned into compost resulting in a great (and free!) way to fertilize the garden. If you don't have the time or inclination (or garden!) necessary to set up a composting system at home, at the very least get yourself a green bin and compost your biodegradable waste that way, instead of adding it to the landfill.

DON'T STOP:  Make all of your Earth Day good behaviours into everyday habits. Walk instead of drive, equip your house to save water, help out with local 'green' initiatives, and compost all your food waste.

Happy Earth Day!

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